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Now you can get your breakthrough advertising material to boost your musical career… and stay within your budget!

Music, graphic design, web design, merchandise and photography for independent musicians.

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4 things that every musician needs...


Your best chance to get that gig is to have a killer sounding demo CD ready to give out the instant someone asks for it. If you’re serious about selling yourself, you will need a professionally recorded demo.

Graphic Design

A well-designed image can serve as a strong marketing tool. In addition to creating quality music, using great graphic design will help your music get to more people in a quicker amount of time.

Web Design

Having your own site makes you look professional. It shows that you’re taking your music career seriously. That means you’re more dependable, more talented, and of more interest to whoever is visiting your site.


Photos are the first thing that bookers, promoters and audiences come across before the play button is pressed, so it’s important that those photos are top quality.

Personal Advise

How to advertise and promote your music?

Get personal advise and learn about...

The Essentials of Music Marketing and Promotion
Creating Your Media Plan
15 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Gig

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